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an office staffed and equipped to handle large numbers of telephone calls, using computer technology to assist in the management of calls, supply of information, etc.; esp.

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Rockwell did indeed develop their ACD in 1973 and it was installed that year. Rockwell’s claim to the first ACD installation may be inaccurate, but they were certainly amongst the first and most successful manufacturers.

Early Automatic Call Distributors (ACD) But the basic features of the modern call centre can be recognised almost ten years before this, in the mid-1960s.

Private Automated Business Exchanges (PABX) began to be used to handle large numbers of customer contacts.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term ‘call centre’ as follows: call centre n.

An algorithm determines which agent receives which call.

The invention of ACD technology made the concept of a call centre possible.Essentially it replaced the human operator with a far more flexible automated system capable of handling much greater numbers of calls.I was recently asked by a researcher for the BBC, for an upcoming documentary on contact centres, for the date of the first call centre in the UK. The creation myth Like many revolutionary technologies, the call centre has a creation myth. I have done some research and the early results are quite surprising.This states that call centres as we know them today originate from the Automatic Call Distributor developed in 1973 by US firm Rockwell (the Rockwell Galaxy) to allow Continental Airlines to run a telephone booking system.As it turns out, this was all good marketing baloney.

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