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Last year, Mark Zuckerberg, the site’s co-founder and CEO, introduced a global audience to a host of Facebook upgrades, including embeddable videos and real-time comments.Prior to that, the F8 has seen the launch of the innovative Facebook timeline (2011) and the now famous ‘like’ button (2014).This year’s conference was no different, with one of the biggest announcements being the development of the company’s chatbot solution.

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Increasingly used by brands to manage everyday customer engagement, the implications of chatbots in the consumer experience industry are huge.

The introduction of chatbot functionality to Facebook, for example, means that the site can now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, guidance, content and interactive experiences through the platform. The site’s public advocacy of chatbots as a communication tool has meant that brands of all shapes and sizes are now interested in how they too can use AI to reimagine customer service in a digital age.

Zuckerberg is so confident in the revolutionary nature of his solution and the impact that it will have on the customer experience industry, that he has predicted that chatbots will replace contact centre agents within the next decade.

For companies looking to introduce chatbots to manage customer communications, the long-term cost advantages of running robots rather than humans will need to be weighed up against a complete overhaul of contact channels and app strategies.

If they can get chatbots right, however, they could potentially tap into an increase in customer loyalty on an unprecedented level.

A recent study by Aspect Software found that nearly 40 per cent of consumers would rather use self-serve apps such as Facebook Messenger for customer enquiries than a phone call.

As consumers move down a path of understanding, expecting and even demanding self-service models, it is easy to see how chatbots could meet their needs.

Faced with the option of hold times, repetitive phone calls and human error versus artificial intelligence designed to get it right every time, the choice for the customer becomes easy.

What’s more, chatbots – easily integrated into apps and social networks – could become a natural way of communicating for the digitally native consumer.

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