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From this profile you will find 270 photos, 27 lists, 1 on-screen matchup, 16 film credits, 1 news story, and key facts about Jake Silbermann!

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And his film The Revival is in production but he won’t be starring in that, it’s become a behind the scenes only thing for him.

He had a small guest part on The Good Wife that you can probably find on youtube and on Person of Interest.

As far as I know Jake isn’t really doing anything at the moment.

Hello Hello, I wanted to write to you to let you know what stage of pre production “The Revival” is currently in. In 2013 we began the campaign to raise money for the production of the feature length film “The Revival” based on the play by Samuel Brett Williams of same name. The plan was to combine it with cash we already had and the funds of another producer to make the film as soon as possible. Compromises are one of the staples of making a film, another part of the business. We approached several excellent and well know actors who committed to the production. After the decision that we would require a greater budget, we brought an additional producer and so another producer came on board. You gave to this project because you believed in it. In the meantime We are pursuing other projects that will lend greater esteem to the Camisade company.

to be safe, check what 8PM EST (NYC time) is in your timezone.

I used this converter I’m not entirely sure anymore.. It was taken at (one of) the first film festival(s) STUFFER was accepted into - I think it was with an article in the NY times but I’m not sure.

Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.

I am not one to write without specific news and unfortunately there has been little worthy of reporting to you since we received your support. We will be making some exciting announcements very soon. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and concerns.

Sincerely, Jake Silbermann Seems like Jake’s part in the new play, Picasso, is not so tiny after all. ) part in a new play, starting november 26th: do realise this isn’t actually Jake right? I don’t know if they keep in touch or if Jake is interested in Eastsiders.

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