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It is important to note that any aggravated DWI, even a first offense aggravated, has mandatory jail time.Good legal counsel can have a great impact on the penalties as well, consider talking to an attorney soon.

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Click Here for More License Revocation Information We are often able to resolve your moving violations, speeding or other misdemeanor and traffic charges without you ever having to return to New Mexico.

We have resolved traffic cases throughout New Mexico and are ready to help you resolve your New Mexico ticket, warrant, misdemeanor and other criminal matters.

Whether your ticket is in Albuquerque Metro Court, or one of the New Mexico Magistrate Court or Municipal Courts throughout the state, we can help.

You MUST make a written request for an administrative hearing or your license will be revoked.

Your WRITTEN request for a hearing on the revocation of your Driver's License must be received by the Motor Vehicle Department within ten (10) days from the date you were served with a Notice of Revocation.

Your request must also be accompanied by a payment of .00 or a sworn statement of indigency (Form MVD-10813, available at any motor vehicle field office or click HERE) Click HERE to download a Request for Hearing form you can print, fill out and mail in.

Be sure to check the box marked "I want the officer to be a witness at my hearing." THIS REVOCATION IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM YOUR CRIMINAL CASE!

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