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Woman Loses $200K in Internet Dating Scam By Sheila Sanchez Email the author September 18, 2012Upload Photos and Videos Is it really love, or is it your pocketbook that is so attractive?

If the object of your affections came through a dating site and makes five-figure requests, be wary, police are saying after a woman recently lost $200,000.

In May of this year, a Los Gatos woman saw a man’s profile on the premier Jewish singles community online dating site, and contacted him.

An Internet dating relationship ensued, according to Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police and during the next few months they had online and telephone conversations, but never met in person.

In June, however, the man asked the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, for money to help him pay fees for a business venture in China. Later in June, throughout July and into August, the suspect made six more requests for financial help with his business, said Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Sgt. The man claimed that when his business was concluded, he would meet and be with the woman.

Each time the woman wired money to banks in China with fund transfers totaling 2,000, according to Harris.

In August, when the suspect asked for an additional ,000, the woman became suspicious and declined to send the money, Harris said.

Los Gatos police are investigating the case and calling it an Internet dating scam.

Typically, in fraud cases like this, the money was most likely transferred almost immediately from the original bank in China to another bank, probably in another country, making the recovery of funds nearly impossible, Harris said.

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