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The media portrays women’s bodies as perfect, and for this reason, many women decide to have reconstructive surgery. I wanted to portray my struggle, and the bravery you need to face the disease.“One year after my mastectomy, I had a tattoo done over the area where my breast used to be.It formed a presence where there was now an absence.The motif I chose was inspired by the Amazonian warrior women who deliberately cut off one of their breasts so that their bows would sit strong and squarely on their chests.

, meist kurz nur UNAM) ist eine von drei universitären Hochschulen in Namibia.

Sie wurde 1992 gegründet und hat ihren Sitz in Windhoek-Academia.

Lehrsprache ist vorwiegend Englisch; einzelne Studiengänge werden jedoch auch in Afrikaans und auf Deutsch (Rechtswissenschaften und Wirtschaftswissenschaften) unterrichtet.

“I have photographed the spiritual life of Zionists, the Himba people in Namibia, sex workers, refugees living in Cape Town and women inmates at the Malmesbury Prison, among other projects.

All of these took the form of exhibitions, and most were published with educational texts to reach school and community groups.

None of them, however, prepared me for what I would face when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008.

I was always exposing someone else – even in my dark room, I would be processing images with other people as the subject.

Now it was my turn to be exposed, in all my vulnerability.“It seemed the most natural thing for me to turn the camera on myself and document my changing body.

A mastectomy made holding my manual camera impossible, so I opted for a digital camera – learning how to use it along the way – and, with the help of my two young daughters, who were 6 and 8 at the time, I was able to start the project.

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